Build your brand package

Build your brand package

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  • 8K PNG, PDF, PSD, and DWG
  • High Quality and detailed Techpacks
  • Compatible with all CAD programs and Adobe*
  • 650 Portugal Clothing Manufacturers
  • 300 USA Clothing Manufacturers
  • 250 UK Clothing Manufacturers
  • 100% Safe SSL Protected Payment
  • Sent by email immediately after order

Our Techpack product offers a hassle-free solution for fashion startups who want to save time on designing their garments. With our product, you will receive 10 highly detailed and comprehensive techpack templates in PDF, PSD, and DWG formats. Each template comes with technical drawings of the garments in 4 to 5 sizes, drawn to scale with all dimensions in PNG format, with 8k resolution, DWG, and DXF.

In addition to the techpack templates, our product also includes a manufacturer list with 1200 manufacturers based in Portugal, UK, and USA. This list will be a great resource for fashion startups looking for reliable manufacturers in these regions.

You can easily edit the documents using any DWG supporting CAD programs as well as PDF editing programs and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Our Techpack product is designed to be a support and relief for fashion startups who want to focus on bringing their unique designs to life.

After ordering, you will receive an email with a link where you can download the documents.

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Build your brand package

Our techpacks and manufacturer sheets are the dynamic duo of fashion production, combining innovation and precision to turn creative vision into stylish reality.


Tech Pack Components | Sheet 1

1. Main Sheet

This sheet is the cornerstone of the T-Shirt Tech Pack, as it showcases the technical sketch of the T-Shirt from both the front and back. The sheet is divided into two halves, with one half dedicated to the front of the T-Shirt and the other half to the back. The center of the sheet provides enough space to draw the T-Shirt design accurately, with multiple details and notes.

The top part of the sheet is dedicated to entering all the essential information about the T-Shirt design. This includes the T-Shirt's color, size, style, collection, and any other relevant details. It also has a section to add any necessary notes and instructions for the manufacturer. Moreover, the file is designed in a way that allows easy color changes of the T-Shirt design, giving you greater flexibility and versatility in the design process.

T-Shirt Tech Pack Template - Atey
Fashion Tech Pack Template - Atey
Tech Pack Components | Sheet 2

2. Artwork Details

This sheet is designed to provide detailed information about the artwork used in the T-Shirt design. The sheet is divided into two halves, with one half dedicated to the front artwork, and the other half dedicated to the back artwork. The center of the sheet is used to add the measurements and specifications of the artwork.

This sheet is critical to the T-Shirt design process because it ensures that the manufacturer knows precisely how the artwork should look on the T-Shirt. It allows you to provide all the necessary details about the printing or embroidery technique used for the artwork or labeling. You can also add any special notes or instructions to the manufacturer regarding the artwork.

Tech Pack Components | Sheet 3

3. Colorways

The Colorway Sheet in our T-Shirt Tech Pack is dedicated to providing detailed information about the colors used for the T-Shirt. This sheet allows you to add and edit up to four colors, with a table provided for adding Pantone and sewing colors. The middle of the sheet showcases the T-Shirts with the listed colors. The sheet provides ample space to add notes and instructions about color selection and placement, ensuring that the manufacturer produces a final product that meets your exact specifications.

T-Shirt Tech Pack Template - Atey
T-Shirt Tech Pack Template - Atey
Tech Pack Components | Sheet 4

4. T Shirt Fabrics, Quantity & Size Chart

This sheet is designed to provide detailed information about the quantity, sizes, and fabrics used in the T-Shirt design.

You can enter the number of pieces needed for each size of the T-Shirt. This ensures that the manufacturer knows precisely how many T-Shirts of each size they need to produce. You can also add the measurements of the T-Shirt so that the manufacturer knows how to cut the fabric for each size accurately.

You can also describe the fabric composition of the T-Shirt. This includes the type of fabric, the weight, and any other relevant information about the fabric. This information is critical as it ensures that the manufacturer selects the right fabric for the T-Shirt and produces the T-Shirt with the desired texture, feel, and quality. You can also add any special notes or instructions regarding the fabric selection to the manufacturer.

Clothing Tech Pack Template - Atey
About our T-Shirt Tech Pack

Available in all formats

The Tech Pack is available in various formats, including DWG, PSD, PDF, PNG, and JPG, making it accessible to manufacturers across different industries. These file formats are perfect for editing the Tech Pack in various programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Autocad Autodesk, giving designers and manufacturers greater flexibility in the design process.

Whether you need to make changes to the T-Shirts design, artwork, or fabric composition, these file formats allow you to edit the Tech Pack quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the Tech Pack is designed to be compatible with different operating systems and software, ensuring that manufacturers can access the Tech Pack without any compatibility issues. With these file formats, you can easily share the Tech Pack with manufacturers and ensure that the T-Shirt design is produced exactly as you envisioned it.

Programs to use

Autodesk AutoCAD

For technical sketches CAD programs are the best. They allow you to draw the garments in detail and true to size. We recommend AutoCAD Lite from Autodesk, because it is the official and most used CAD program. You learn it very quickly and you have endless possibilities to draw your clothes according to your ideas.

Clothing Tech Pack Template - Atey
Clothing Tech Pack Template - Atey
Programs to use

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The Adobe programs Illustrator and Photoshop are a must for anyone who designs clothes. There are no comparable programs that are as good as those from Adobe. We suggest you get the Creative Cloud subscription right away, which includes all the programs you need to create techpacks, high-resolution graphics for your website, and even 3D clothing.

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