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Genesis: The Dawn of Limited Edition Luxury Streetwear

Unveiling Genesis, a unique collection that marries high-end design and street style. Every piece tells a story of craftsmanship, style, and sustainability. And to keep them truly unique, we've limited each design to just 99 pieces. Dive into Genesis and experience the thrill of owning a part of this exclusive collection. With Genesis, your style is not just personal; it's limited edition.



The Genesis Hoodie is the centerpiece of our collection. Inspired by beginnings, Genesis sets the standard for our luxury streetwear. Constructed from premium, eco-friendly fabrics, it blends comfort and style seamlessly. On its back, a captivating depiction of the first chapter of Moses – a design that's not just fashion, but a narrative. With Genesis, you're not just wearing a hoodie; you're embodying a story and setting the pace in the world of high-end streetwear. Experience the hype with Genesis.



A crop top that stands as a testament to our commitment to nature and style. Drawing its name from the Latin term for "of the field," ARVENSIS is an embodiment of natural beauty and freedom. Made with sustainable, top-quality materials, it ensures comfort while making a style statement. ARVENSIS isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a fusion of nature-inspired design and modern fashion. With ARVENSIS, you're not just wearing a crop top; you're embracing an ethos and turning heads in the world of fashion. Get ready to stir up the scene with ARVENSIS.



Hymanaeos, a testament to the power of simple yet bold style. An oversized streetwear tee that speaks volumes in the world of fashion. Its name, a nod to the Greek god of marriage and unions, symbolizes the perfect harmony of comfort and high-end design. Crafted from premium, sustainable materials, Hymanaeos isn't just a T-shirt; it's the embodiment of the marriage between street style and luxury. With Hymanaeos, you're not simply wearing a tee, you're showcasing an artful union of fashion elements. Prepare to make waves with Hymanaeos.



Verdade, a name derived from the Portuguese word for 'truth,' symbolizing authenticity and a genuine commitment to style. This streetwear hoodie showcases a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, using premium, sustainable materials. Verdade isn't just a hoodie; it represents a genuine commitment to authenticity in the world of high-end street fashion. With Verdade, you're not simply donning a hoodie; you're expressing an authentic style narrative. Embrace the truth of streetwear with Verdade.



Fortilum, our oversized streetwear T-shirt that champions the power of resilience. Its name, inspired by the Latin roots for 'strong' and 'light,' signifies the strength of character and the lightness of being who you truly are. Crafted from premium, sustainable materials, Fortilum isn't just a T-shirt; it's a proclamation of strength and authenticity in the realm of luxury streetwear. Wearing Fortilum means more than donning a tee; it's making a statement about your resilience and authentic style. Stand strong, shine bright with Fortilum.



Verus, our men's streetwear joggers that redefine comfort and style. The name 'Verus,' derived from the Latin for 'true,' symbolizes the authenticity we strive for in our designs. Crafted from the finest, sustainable materials, Verus is more than just a pair of joggers; it's a testament to true comfort combined with the essence of luxury streetwear. With Verus, you're not just sporting joggers; you're embracing a genuine, style-forward lifestyle. Experience the true comfort of streetwear with Verus.



Pectus, our women's streetwear joggers designed to complement your strength and style. The name 'Pectus,' drawn from Latin meaning 'heart' or 'spirit,' symbolizes the strong spirit of every woman. Made with premium, eco-friendly materials, Pectus goes beyond being just a pair of joggers; it's the embodiment of comfort, luxury, and the power of femininity in the world of streetwear. With Pectus, you're not just wearing joggers; you're flaunting your fearless spirit. Unleash your strength with Pectus.